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Do you want to teach your baby to self soothe so that she/he can achieve better sleep?

As a qualified Infant Sleep Consultant / Sleep Trainer located in Hong Kong, I help families locally and all over the world with their sleep challenges.

Sleep deprivation is something that I can personally relate too as I was once the mother to a baby who woke every 45 minutes!

Specialities and Expertise

I have studied sleep disorders, behavioural psychology, science of sleep as well as sleep solutions to help our little ones to sleep better. My expertise and qualifications specialise in helping infants aged between 0 -6 years old. Specifically, I can help you and your family with:

  • Self settling and sleep associations
  • Naps (this includes short naps and napping in own cot)
  • Ditching the dummy
  • Night time weaning (dropping feeds)
  • Preventing overtiredness
  • Cot climbers
  • Teaching child to sleep and stay in their own bed
  • Sleep hygiene and safety
  • Parasomnias (such as night terrors, sleep walking, confusional arousals)

Products and Services

Sleep training is a personal decision and not something that all parents agree with. This is also not something that is entirely suitable for every baby and child but can be extremely beneficial to others in my experience. By working with parents and caregivers, I complete a thorough assessment of the infants temperaments and rule out any medical causes before putting together an in-depth sleep plan. For this service, pricing starts from 1700HKD. If further support is required and we choose a gentle sleep training method, packages are priced up to 3200HKD.

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